Korres Skincare

I am a person who loves skincare products as much as makeup. I personally think that it is very important to take care of yourself not only face but also the entire body (this includes dietary). However, I have a very very sensitive skin and I do have a felling that my body even more sensitive than my face! I know that’s strange yet I think that another reason is because I use very good skincare products for my face.

For body wash, it is so hard for me to just go buy the one that has incredibly good smell or a beautiful packaging. For instance, I really love the smell of Dove, The Body Shop and Soap & Glory shower cream BUT I’m allergic to all of them! I don’t mean that these products are not good I know that they are very good yet my skin doesn’t love them. I give them a try for so many times and I always end up with some tiny bumps on my chest and back as well hence the only thing I can do is say ‘BYE’ to them.

Korres is a skincare brand from Greece which doesn’t test their products on animals and most of the ingredients are natural. It has no mineral oil, no parabens, no silicones, no paraffin wax etc. they basically keeps their products natural as much as possible.

Let’s get into our topic today. I went to Oliver Bonas store last month and saw the Korres skincare on their shelves and I like the Santorini packaging so, I just smelled it, expected nothing (I just love to smell things!) and I fell in love with it.

IMG_0091The smell of Santorini Vine set (£15) is so fresh. I want to say that the moment when I take a shower it smells like Coke (in a nicer way of course and YES, I’m not joking!) but after finished showering and put on the body lotion which doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all, it leaves me a fresh and a hint of floral scent. I know it’s really hard to describe the smell but I really want you to give this a try. This product claims that the shower gel has 86.7% natural content and the body milk has 92.4% natural content. I have to say thatI do believe them since I don’t have any allergic to them. I even carry these full sizes to the gym although they’re quite heavy to carry around but that says how much I love them. Highly recommend!


The next one come in a set as well but not in a box set. It is the White Tea and Bergamot Freesia set (£21). The set includes a shower gel, body milk and a lip butter. The shower gel has 89.8% natural content and the body milk has no parabens, no silicones and no phthalates. These one smell a bit more sweet, fresh and reminds me of my mom because I have no idea why but every single skincare she uses smells incredibly on her! I only use this one once because I haven’t finished my Santorini Vine set yet but just want to stock more and I think I will take these ones to the gym too even though I love the first one more and totally going to buy them again.

IMG_0089Last but not least that I got from Korres is the Water Lily shower gel which comes in a double pack and it’s only £8 totally worth it because you get 2 full size shower gels. This contains 87.5% natural content an more of a sweet scent. I bought a Water Lily body milk (£15 / 92.7% natural content) separately due to the fact that they don’t come in a set. I have to say that of all the scents I like the Santorini Vine the most and the Waterlily one the least, however, this really depends on your personal taste.

Thank you for reading towards the end and if you have any recommendation on any skincare products which are suitable for a very sensitive skin please let me know because I’m always willing to try more good products. Love you xx


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